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Note: We have peered with the social network We have games page to display our games and demos for YappsJS-Canvas

We now have three games on display they are still incomplete but have made good progress and all run on the YappsJS-Canvas Engine

Yapps (Ya Apps)

Update 03.11.12 - v1.4 Release! Download NOW! ->

Update 01.11.12 - YappsJS v1.4 will be release this weekend. Yay!
New Features
-Dyanmic Objects (Objects with child objects)
-Object Cloning
-Object Props function - combines a object with settings to an object
-Controller Include function - set a object with settings to a new object
and more.

Update 06.10.12 - With the release of YappsJS-Canvas Version 1.0 i've (gamesman123) started working on the WebGL Extension to YappsJS-Canvas, will be called YappsJS-Japhics3D (JavaScript 3D Graphics or J3D). If you wish to contribute to any of our Projects (, games for, YappsJS-Canvas or YappsJS-Japhcis3D) then ask to be developer in the discussion, Thanks and Happy Coding!

Update on Progress 30.09.12 - Released YappsJS-Canvas V1.0. Improved the contentManager, it now knows when download is complete

Yapps Studios plan for 2012 is to launch our website and our game "Bullet Rampage" were working on. We also want to create heaps of small html5 canvas games every 1 to 2 months. if your interested in creating some html5 game or want help. Join Us on our quest! We are currently working on a JS Library to assist you in creating HTML5 Games (YappsJS) You can also help to Improve to Library. The games will be published on

YappsJS (Ya Apps JavaScript)
Is a reliable FREE JS library for the Yapps community from the community to create fast HTML5 games for your website or publish on also works with Windows 8 Metro Apps! Note: YappsJS will not have a full documentation until it reaches v1.0.0, when it reaches v1.0.0 it will be released with full documentation and some examples.

YappsJS Platforms: Windows 8, Common Web Browsers
Compatible with JQuery
Does not support WebGL (possible in future when webgl is not experimental)
2D Only

YappsJS Example
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
<canvas id='canvasID' width='640px' height='480px'></canvas>
	// YappsJS v1.0+
	var Japhics = YappsJS.Japhics;

	var content = [
		 Japhics.contentManager.queue(""), // this returns a id
	function onLoadedContent () {
		//Create/Init Objects
		Japhics.add("Splash").setAsImage(content[0]).pos(0, 100);
		Japhics.add("BlueRectangle").setAsRect(80, 80, "blue");

Yes we Publish!
We can publish your HTML5 Canvas games at they must be between 320x240 and 800x600 pixels. They do have to use YappsJS. Email them here

If your interested you can Email Us at or create a discussion.

Have a Fiddle with JSFiddle

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