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You do not have to use YappsJS in the HTML5 games but they must be layed out like the template on the downloads page. Otherwise the games will not be compatible with our website.

YappsJS Examples for YappsJS V1
Full documentation coming soon.

Loading and Displaying Images
    var Japhics = YappsJS.Japhics,
         Content = Japhics.contentManager;
    var yourImageID = Content.queue("url/image.png");
    function onLoadedContent () {
        var japhicsController = Japhics.controller();
        var X = 100,
            Y = 100,
            WIDTH = 250,
            HEIGHT = 250;
        japhicsController.add("ObjectID [OPTIONAL]").setAsImage(yourImageID, WIDTH, HEIGHT).pos(X, Y);

Bullet Rampage Info

HTML 5 Speciation's you must meet for publishing
-playable on most browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are most important)
-A point to play (e.g. Addictive)
-You must want to create the best games you can! No crap!
-resolution: between 320x240 and 800x600
Note: New template will be available in downloads, soon.

Email us or create a Discussion if you have questions

You can ask our community for help with sprites or code errors.

Thanks for Developing with us. :)

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